The Tablet Is Now The Preferred Browsing Device

It’s official – the tablet is now the preferred browsing device amongst consumers…

A recent Communications Market Report and summarised by EConsultancy shows evidence that the most important device for internet access is now the tablet; with laptops coming in a close second.


Is this really a surprise?

Tablet sales are almost doubling year on year, from 11% to 24% (2011 to 2012), then 24% to 44% (2012 to 2013) attributed to the more relaxed experience tablet browsing provides coupled with the larger screen sizes and portability.


The tablet will certainly become increasingly important for e-commerce with the number of mobile internet users purchasing goods increasing from 20% to 24% from 2013 to 2014 who are also spending more on mobile, year-on-year.


Keep this in mind for you next activation – a tablet optimised or even tablet browsing first approach could prove mission critical…