The Wrap: Google Analytics Conference

Pillar Digital had the pleasure of attending the 3rd annual Google Analytics User Conference in Sydney in early September.

The 2014 Conference presented an opportunity to hear from industry experts including Avinash Kaushik and Justin Cutroni who discussed the latest techniques and trends for applying digital analytics.

Here are 15 key takings we learnt about Analytics and Data;

  • Data is worthless if you don’t have a plan on how to use it.
  • Data collection alone delivers no direct, value, but it is the foundation on which you build.
  • Analysis is the key to success. We should be spending 65% of our time on analysis, 20% on reporting, and 15% on capture. If you’re spending it in reverse, then there’s negligible value.
  • 90/10 rule – spend a majority of your budget on the people, and less on the tools.
  • Don’t just vomit data and numbers out in your reports. To get a decent return, you need an in-house or external analyst, NOT a reporting monkey.
  • Three key things to avoid drowning in data reports: make it look good, make it easy to understand & make it actionable – raw csv files are almost meaningless to senior executives.
  • In the future, data will be at the core of how we allocate budget and optimise all marketing.
  • Analytics tools are configured to see bounces as a ‘wasted’ visit – they aren’t.
  • Universal Analytics allows you to do better remarketing and get better insights from your online & offline data.
  • One advantage of GA universal is to see demographic data. Find out your highest value demographic segment.
  • Compare your ROI in your AdWords by 1st click vs last click – you’ll be under reporting if you’re just using last click.
  • Focus on the whole journey, not just the destination (end result).
  • Tablet users start checkout twice as often + complete purchase 57% more than overall users. w/ Marcia Jung, product mgr e-commerce
  • In the same example, Mobile users start the checkout process more often, but complete the purchase 40% less often than overall users.
  • 78% of our time online is on mobile or tablet – we are checking our phones 150 times a day, and spending 162 minutes looking at it.


5 Best Quotes of the day;

  • “Information is powerful, it’s what you do with it that will define you.”
  • “What’s going to make us money in the next 9 months? Not today.”
  • “Only stupid people don’t use a Tag Manager.”
  • “First click attribution is like saying my first girlfriend is the reason for marrying my wife.”
  • “We’ll never finish data capture, but we have to start somewhere.”