Humanising your Brand to Build Trust

A recent blog post by Moz on Building Trust by Humanising Your Brand delivered a number of useful and interesting facts, none of which are particularly shocking to those familiar with advertising and digital media.

“The average consumer in today’s market is exposed to more than 5,000 advertising messages per day, wields more computing power in their hand than NASA had to land a man on the moon, and can make a decision about your website in 1/20 of a second.”

Naturally, this means that the amount of time you have to make your impression is tiny, and getting smaller all the time; so how do big brands make their way through the crowd and nurture their relationships and build trust with both potential and repeat customers?

Moz believes that the 4 pillars to building trust are:

– Building an emotional connection

– Listening and responding with action

– Put the relationship ahead of conversions

– Delivering on your promises

We’ve consistently found that one of the very best ways brands build emotional connections and trust is by putting those fans front and centre.

A great example we’ve found was a recent Ipswich Town game, put the camera on their fans to record their reactions during the game. Switching focus from a brand to it’s fans shows that brands are ready to give back.

Another example from our own repertoire is our recent hashtag campaign microsite for McDonalds – the big idea behind which being to showcase real winners of the Maccas Monopoly campaign running in its restaurants.