Dream Team Content + Social Media Campaign


Develop and execute an online advertising campaign to help build and articulate the Dream Team story to drive player subscriptions for the 2014 season.

The Solution

Pillar was able to provide an online advertising and content plan to target the dedicated, hard core users who have higher propensity to spend $$ on additional data (subscriptions).

This was done using SEM, Display Ads, Facebook ads and sponsored posts - to increasing website clicks, page likes and application sign ups. The execution of a content and social media plan also helped leverage the online advertising and brand awareness campaign.



1,060,067 website visits - 860,067 more than original estimate (428% increase)
250,000 unique visits
Average session duration 7.18 mins

Achieved 16,000+ Page Likes (NRL)
Achieved 13,500+ Page Likes (AFL)
Average of more than 1,500 new page likes per week.
This base contributed considerably to website referrals- almost 15% just from Facebook.
All key advertising metrics (CPL, CPC, CTR) outperformed the industry average.

NRL Search Campaign finished with a CTR of 18% (Dream Team) and 10% (Fantasy).
The AFL Search Campaign finished with a CTR of 12%.