Fangear Social Media Management + Social Media Advertising

As part of Pillar's ongoing partnership with Infinite Retail's brand Fangear, Pillar is tasked with:

  • Overarching social strategy of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Day-to-day management of social properties
  • Social media ads buying and conversion optimisation on Facebook and now Twitter ads

Social Media Management


Social media management from day one. Our social is mostly based around conversational and content curation in sports.

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  • 100% real followers
  • Follower breakdown: predominantly Male aged 18-34  in key areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland
  • Consistent follower growth even without investments in paid fan acquisition
  • Weekly, in-depth performance reporting


  • Average non-paid (organic) reach: ~3,500 per post
  • Average paid (sponsored post) reach: ~20,000 per post (with a post budget of usually less than $200 per post)

Social Media Advertising:

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  • Creative and copy collaboration between client and agency
  • Highly defined targeting
  • Key CTA's, continuously tested


  • CPC most commonly below industry average 0.30 cents per click
  • CTR (click-through rate) generally above industry average of ~2%
  • Traffic generated accounts for ~15% of total site traffic
  • Constantly reallocation and testing of media spend to ensure optimum performance
  • Fantastic ROI based on internal conversion metrics and key KPI's